Wildpoldsried, Germany, jumps into ‘Smart Grid’ testing with both feet


A small town in Southern Germany have taken on the task of becoming a test environment for a full-on ‘Smart Grid’, following in the progressive footsteps of another small town, Güssing, in Austria. Wildpoldsried, with a tiny community population of just 2,600 equipped with the determination of giants, have created a community energy grid that produces 500% MORE energy than the entire town needs.

Arno Zengerle, the mayor of Wildpoldsried, was one of the presenters at an energy conference that was attended by one of Healthy Homes’ own, Paul Hansen in Canberra. According to Paul, Arno was a happy guy as the community he leads are so stoked with the path they have chosen to go down he had been number one choice for last 18 years as mayor.

It shows that there was not anything particularly technologically challenging in heading down this path, as all of the infrastructure technology needed to achieve these results is readily available. It came down to the determination and will of the community and the decision makers that was needed. In turn, this led to the town thriving with high employment and productivity in order to achieve their incredible outcome.

To read more about how Wildpoldsried achieved their goal, follow this link:

Wildpoldsried, Germany – Proof of when a community genuinely cares, good things happen!

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